Here are some details about the system.


System Function & Operation
-8 User defined presets
-Selectable pressure accuracy: up to +/ 1PSI
-Rise on start option- the system will inflate to preset #1 when the key is turned on. This feature can also be turned off if you desire 
-Manual mode allows independent 4 corner adjustment
-AutoTune learns and adapts to your vehicle
-Diagnostic features display compressor run time, compressor performance, and leak detection
-Play mode allows side to side play
-OEM quality harness with only 3 wires to hook up (Power, Ignition, and Ground)
-Dual compressor harness add-on available
-MADE IN THE USA!! Right here in Lansing, Michigan

-Multi-color LCD with 512 color combinations to choose - match your factory gauge color
-Display shows pressures in either PSI or BAR
-Built in Easy Control (enables single button tap to adjust pressure by 1PSI at a time)
-Palm-sized unit with one wire hookup
-Rugged rubberized coating for ultra durability
-Multiple wire routings off the back of the control gives you the freedom of flush mounting, handheld, or both

-Patent Pending super compact manifold/ECU/pressure sensor assembly provides the easiest installation of any digital control system. 
-Pre-installed cartridge style PTC fittings prevents the potential for a leak and saves you time & money from purchasing additional fittings
-Simplicity of an all in one manifold unit makes for a very quick install
-6mm valves for fast inflate/deflate time
-User defined compressor on/off settings
-Available in 1/4", 3/8" or 1/2" airline configurations
-100% tested for leaks and functionality at our factory here in Lansing, Michigan


The way we priced the Air Lift Auto Pilot V2 is to be an extremely affordable pressure based control system. If you factor in the cost of a manifold along with a switchbox, air line, fittings, pressure switch, relays, wiring, gauges, etc. You are actually going to end up spending more money and still not have the presets, digital pressure read out, adjustable compressor on/off points, diagnostics, etc. It is a very compact unit that will save you time and space upon install.

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