AccuAir Suspension e+ Connect Wireless Controllers AA-3639

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AccuAir Suspension e+ Connect Wireless Controllers

If you are looking for an entry level control system that is simple while offering smartphone capabilities, the AccuAir e+ Connect wireless controllers make a great choice. The wireless switch box allows for you to use the e+ app to wirelessly control your air suspension system and it can also be upgraded later down the road to the full e-Level+ system. To get even more convenience and performance from this kit, you can add great upgrades such as Height+ sensors and a Touch Pad+ controller. While these kits are a very simple way to achieve convenient air system management, you will also need a few other components to finish up your install. You will need a manifold such as the AccuAir VU4 4 corner manifold (not included) to control the air in your system. For a cleaner setup and an all-in-one solution, check out the ENDO-VT air tank (sold separately) by AccuAir—which has the valve integrated into the tank.

Product features:

* AccuAir e+ Connect is 5.0 Bluetooth enabled for a simpler user experience and better performance and reliability—5.0 Bluetooth allows for long range use and is standard on all systems
* e-Level+ allows for over-the-air updates to future proof with the latest features and functions
* With the e+ Connect, you will get a beautiful and modern ECU with an AccuAir logo design and RGB backlighting
* When using the Height+ upgrade, you can get a visual display of your height percent in the E-Level+ app
* 100 percent plug-and-play wiring harness will be included for easy installation
* Ride-Height-On-Start gives you that extra touch of customization—e+ Connect allows for your vehicle to automatically lift to the driving height upon starting your vehicle
* e-Level+ app allows you to make any adjustment to your air suspension system through the convenience of the app—similar to AccuAir TouchPad+ for great looks and easy usability
* Automatic calibration—when using Height+ kit it will automatically learn how to adjust for your vehicle through automatic calibration
* Battery saver mode—if your system has not been used in 24 hours, it will automatically shut off to save battery
* 3-Programmable heights—lowered, ride height, and raised, this allows you to get to the exact stance you are wanting instantly without having to purge your valves to get the right look
* TruPosition height sensors allow for accurate leveling of your air suspension system—regardless of load

Important Note: Wireless device not included. Intended to be used with your phone or tablet. This product listing includes a harness and pressure sensor. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

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