Universal shave door kit with remote

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•(2) Dual geared actuator assemblies, with unique connecting system (guaranteed to open ANY door)
•(2) Pre-crimped cable attachments
•(1) Hardware pack including brackets, screws,cable guides, etc.
•(1) Complete instructions with detailed illustrations
•(1) Complete PRE-WIRED relays and wiring pack
•(1) Pre-wired 4-Channel Remote/Receiver System
This is our easiest universal kit to install.
All you have to do on the wiring is hook up the power and ground, then plug the wires into the motors!
Includes (2) four button remotes.
Pop both of your doors and still be able to control 2 extra outputs for air ride, windows, trunk pop, etc.
Output can be set to latch so you can hook them up to neon or led lights and turn them on/off from your remote control.
Pre-wired relays for two doors included.
In most applications, a relay will be needed for each additional output being used.
Limited lifetime warranty (remotes excluded)