Viair 480c Dual Pack Chrome Air Compressor

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#48032 VIAIR's Dual Performance Value Packs are the perfect choice when you need a heavy duty air compressor system to power your air suspension kit, industrial application, air horns and most off-road pneumatic needs. Each of VIAIR's Dual Performance Value Packs includes two of our most popular heavy duty air compressors and all of the necessary compressor installation hardware to make these dual air compressor kits an ideal solution for a wide variety of applications. Each of our Dual Performance Value Packs is rated to fill tanks up to 10 gallons.

Features include horizontal cooling fins and a trapezoidal head design 
a standard 3/8" stainless steel braided leader hose with inline check valve and insulated wiring for simple installation. 

12-Volt Permanent Magnetic Motor 
Duty Cycle: 50% @ 200 PSI 
Max. Working Pressure: 200 PSI
Max. Amp Draw: 20 Amps
3/8" NPT Intake Port
Net Weight: 10.5 lbs.

Note: • Always operate the compressor at or below the MAXIMUM PRESSURE RATING of the air compressor. Always observe the MAXIMUM DUTY CYCLE of the air compressor. Operation exceeding maximum pressure ratings and/or duty cycle will result in damage to the air compressor